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Designed for the Trade.

After 15 years installing fences and gates this tool was developed over the last few years to help the speed and ease of fencing post removal. It's proven itself on so many jobs and we found it could easily pull out tree stumps, now one of those tools you cannot do without. It's always on the van.


Jobs with Met posts, those in the trade know how hard it can be to extract posts that have been fitted using these products, use POSTDOZER and it makes the job very quick allowing the contractor to finish the job that much faster.


POSTDOZER can also remove small stumps up to 6inch wide, breaking the roots as the 12 ton lifting power snaps them with very little effort and hardy no impact on the surrounding areas of the tree. Reduces the impact of digging out and podging the roots.


Fence posts both wood and concrete can be easily jacked out of the ground vertically, this keeps the hole tight meaning that adding a new post is far quicker and reduced the ballast and cement required to secure.

Gate posts again can be removed up to 150mm thick posts.

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